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[29/4/16, 12:16:28 PM] atelieroost: Handmade with passion from a deep-rooted knowledge of African Shea and pure essential oils, the simplicity of our ingredients speaks for itself.
[29/4/16, 12:17:48 PM] atelieroost: The patterns in our logo are simple representations of the symbols used on African (specifically Malian) mud cloths (or Bogolanfini), which have an important place in traditional Malian culture. Like each piece of cloth tells a story, so too do our products.

<Insert symbol> -Wealth & luxury.
<Insert symbol> -The love of family & community.

The name Karitree originates from Karité Tree or Shea Tree, grown along Africa’s “Shea belt” region stretching from Senegal to Ethiopia.
This remarkable tree is where it all begins…

<Insert icons>
[29/4/16, 12:18:40 PM] atelieroost: Like us, each product has its own character and name of their own. Get to know them and find out what they can do for you.


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